Celebrating East African Writing!

Endless Dreams

I had a Desert dream…

Devouring seedless Kalahari dates!

I journeyed through a hot sand-filled stream

Thirst burnt my throat… with passions of first love dates

Tossed by fighting dusts…I heard a whirlwind scream

On vampire rocks I landed…my dreams turned to slates

Together all pieces I glued…ready for  a new Oasis dream!

I had a Space dream…

Attending moon’s grand wedding in Mars!

I flew through clouds… playing hide and seek with sunbeam

Weeping rain blurred my vision of flirting stars

Bruised by floating ice… I craved for a blanket of steam

Blinded by a bully flash…a rogue thunder ruptured my old scars

My wounds I nursed…ready for a new Solar dream!

I had a Sea dream….

Swimming with dolphins amidst cheering corals!

Evading storms… explored depths starved of gleam

Hunted by sharks with blood-stained morals

Abused by drunken whales…far from rescue team

On a mucky shore my soul awoke…deformed as ghost murals

My frozen hands I warmed…ready for a new Transatlantic dream!

I had a Poetic dream…

Sculpturing lyrics of sonnets… painted with rhymes of a rainbow!

Mind hypnotized…I massaged my soul with an inspirational cream

Wild weeds of free verses broke in…dressed in rags of a scarecrow!

My pen glided in shock as a hacked classified live stream

On senseless stanzas… each reader frowned… like a broken bow

Wasted words I erased…ready for a new Shakespearean dream!

2011©Meshack Sewe

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4 comments on “Endless Dreams

  1. Dilman
    July 4, 2011

    Lovely poem. Love the structure, just wonder why you put the last line in every stanza in bold. it’s a bit distracting.


  2. Hmm….many thanks Dilma…my attempt is to bring some sort of “positive air” to neutralize the negative adventures described in each stanza…more like a punch line for each package of experiences…and yes I agree the bold lines are indeed distracting.


  3. Brian
    July 5, 2011

    Sewe, you are good at it. Keep up. It impressed me to the end.


  4. Espoirkins
    August 21, 2013

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! this is unique. i love it, its like u have lived in the sdea and all those dreams , the way u describe…itrs lovely


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