Celebrating East African Writing!

Final Warning

Trust me with this.

Let me lie still till tomorrow’s dew blankets me,

I shall not leave.

The distant stars will keep me company,

They’ll twinkle to the sobbing song of my soul,

To the struggling beats from the surviving shards in my chest.


I’ll lie here and try not to think of street lights,

Or their reflections in your eyes,

And the arcs of your lashes,

Your cheekbones…

Those… those… those…

Oh God!


Hear that? The clouds shuffling to positions?

Rain will be here soon; then the show will begin,

Only I can see the beautiful system to this pain.

Run love, run before the lightning makes you part of the climax,

You’ll find me after the crescendo… But for now, run!

Before my world breaks you for killing me again.

© Ngartia J Bryan 2014.


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