Celebrating East African Writing!


Touted deals ripens every moment,

New systems are built on fame and opulence,

The mighty and the rich command;

Yes sirs! My lords. My heart is broke;

Where is justice?

May I give it up as something dead,


Vague lexicon of the old-school,

Ever lost no matter where to search

Like fossils buried deep in the abyss?

It’s found not in the church,

In the simmering thought of the intelligentia;

Through boycotts,

Through rampages and vandalism

That shakes the streets like hailstorms;

Or shall I find it in my ego?

No justice, oh poverty stricken,

Thou urged out of his blood,

His rightful justice bared,

Down trodden of statesmen

In the open and strewn courts

Like sepulchers

Where justice is thrown scattered

© Gideon Bore. See More of Gideon’s poetry collection at:


2 comments on “Justice

  1. Brian
    July 5, 2011

    Gideon, the picture is there, but it refused to come out. Next time would you please throw more than one stroke of the brush; that way the reader will find his way into the design. Good work though.


  2. Meshack
    July 9, 2011

    Spirit of lamentation well captured…..great choice of words and stylistic devices…I however find it hard to “categorize” the poem’s main facets that tend to grind the poet’s inner core….everything seem to be combined together…I guess this is an issue of design as Brian has mentioned…


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