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Kenyan Love Poem by Wudz

I want a Kenyan love poem

A poem that talks about anguish

War shrieks and hymns

Political tensions

Political suspicions

I want a poem that ballets

To the tears of the rich

And the laughter of the downtrodden


A poem about the 42 tribes

48 Laws of Power

What willI read when I’m 40?

Imagine Kenya in 1940

Before clan chiefs became presidents


And ass-lickers

Of colonial masters

I want a poem that is ghetto

Virgins on stilettos

Horny boys on weed planning a gang rape


I want a poem that’s violent





A poem that will flush closet fags

Tell them to enjoy their sexual freedom

Being gay is the new fashion

What’s new?

What’s trendy?

Vera Sidika thighs?

Hunger in Turkana?

Or bloodthirsty war mongers?

Somalis with grenades and Jihadists?

Cattle raiders and goat rapists?

I want such poems.


I want a poem with 4 colours

And 3 stanzas

A poem with our mixed identity

Summer bunnies

And foreign slang

Poor English

And sheng

I want a poem in my native tongue


I want riddles

Poems that will call me Baba

Change the title of this poem to Saba Saba

A poem that will intimidate the opposition

Poems about abortion

Office sex for promotion

Devotion to foreign gods

I want poems about bribery

Because we all need jobs

Blow jobs at the back of the cab

Maasai clubs

Kisii temper and witch-lynching

And their love-making

Kikuyu’s love for money and their hatred

By minority tribes

Proud Luos and their love for art

About Luhya’s love for food and sex

And music

I want poems about bombings in the coast

The infiltration of radical Islamists

I want poems about unemployment

Prostitution and looting

Because the youth are used

They are used to being broke

And living in hope


I want to see dead children

And ailing mothers in your poetry

Rusty arrows in skulls of Sabaout Land Defense warriors

Dead bodies of our soldiers in Somali

I want to hear screams in your poems

Screams of damsels getting their clitoris cut off with a rusty razor

Welcome to womanhood

Screams in shopping malls

And rural brothers fighting over a piece of land

And a widow’s inheritance

I want to hear jingles of calabashes

And chants and premonitions of witch-doctors

Sir, call-off the rally

I see splattered brains on your dash-board

Broken hymens of immature women

Tax, taxi-drivers with guns

And preachers who burn churches to get donation

Teachers raping their pupils

And head teachers stealing bursaries meant to school orphans

I want the same head teachers on strike

Followed by doctors and nurses

Pharmacists with expired bottles and pills

By-laws and bills


I want long boring poems

With cryptic English and cliché

Abstract thought and monologue

I’m sick of these uptown poets

Suburban rhymers with broken hearts

Who think life is about romance

And make up sex

I want Hip-hop, Poetry and Jazz

Good food

And beautiful pussy

All wrapped up in a single poem


You see

If I were to write a Kenyan poem

What would write about?


Then maybe

All we need is a love poem.


A Kenyan love poem.

© Wudz

8 comments on “Kenyan Love Poem by Wudz

  1. muthoniemmy
    September 15, 2014

    amazing. and you forgot….

    the flooding of the Chinese in town
    leaving children neither black or white

    and the selling of babies
    leaving mothers agonized
    and tormented


  2. elovepoetry
    September 15, 2014

    This is really wonderful.

    Should I be the one to give you this poem?
    Or the one to read it when you are given?


  3. Umar Sidi
    September 18, 2014

    Beutifully crazy.


  4. Rixpoet
    September 18, 2014

    This is something else!!!!


  5. Meshack
    September 18, 2014

    …juicy delicacy of Kenya’s pregnant poems butchered and fried in red-hot pans of cold fun!


    September 19, 2014

    Am really challenged as a poet…So much information and enlightnent.

    Hats off Wudz.


  7. beryl
    October 2, 2014

    That’s all Kenya!!


  8. zeno musila
    November 1, 2014

    this are good titles poets ought to write about.Am a poet but yet to publish my poems are comic, a long poem about corruption.It reached regional level during last festival for pry schs.


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