Celebrating East African Writing!

Love Long Lost

If ever any happiness I did feel

That I desire, it is at the thought of your love,

Let the image of your soothing soul rest upon my heart

On a better hemisphere- firmly!

Before I extinguish this glowing speck of pleasure, let me sigh,

Put elbows on the table, in torn, dissected self.


Your name;

A prevailing echo in my solitude,

For tearful benedictions flood my soul,

Survey every part of me

And you will still find your picture in me,

As I gaze at the hills all black with foliage:

Revive my hope

Fill my hive with honey

Teach me cupid’s tricks

Lead me in singing endless tunes with fairies.


My pain, the wall separating us;

Sad tears over flood my ground

Almost drowning me,

My cries and shouts have cracked walls.


Your love gave fuel to my fire,

You will always be my favorite one-

The one to return to.

©Emmie 14/APRIL/2014


One comment on “Love Long Lost

  1. scotthastiepoet
    May 2, 2014

    Lovely, soulful work, full of passion and yearning and with some great lines… I especially liked: “elbows on the table, in torn, dissected self.” and a strong finish too… Thanks for sharing a bit of your heart.. With Best Wishes Scott


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