Celebrating East African Writing!

O Pendulum, Go Slow

When they shout ’51 YEARS’

Secure your hope in an iron surrounding

‘Cause your actions could drive love away,

Whenever you get stuck on traffic

And thoughts flicker telling you a day has ended

And you breathe calls for destiny

And business on River Road gets you enchanted

And your sight gets blurry

And your days are not long enough,

You watch…

You listen…

You let yourself look,


As the pendulum keep going on and on

Promises are forgotten

Wounds are opened

Restless souls choose to take shades in parks,

Sleeping, longing for satisfaction

Waiting for a time when knots would be untied

Monstrous anger of blasts would shut

Tongues will be held

The cup of unity will be filled to the brim

Movements will be casual

And everyone will sing and dance!

But hey,

Yet another Kenyan day has ended.

O pendulum, go slow.

© Achieng’ Em


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