Celebrating East African Writing!

Dark Future

Written by Dantez Mwendwa

One to four five,

What do I call mine?

Why do I cry?

Am turned to fry,

Was laid by mum

After she met dad,

Theirs a short stunt,

Twenty one days not over,

You come and take me,

I desired to be a chick,

But ends in panic,

I am no more,

You swallow me all,

Pride to my mother,

Am turned to the hunter,

The big egg I was,

Converted to food,

If I had a chance,

I would be a hen,

Give you many eggs,

But you saw food,

Now you excrete me,

I end up as faeces,

In a dark, lonely sewage.

© Dantez Mwendwa

This poem is part of the April 4th 2011 Freedom Poetry Competition. You have until April 29th 2011 to read and vote for it. Please comment and indicate your opinion of the poem on a scale of 1 to 5.


2 – POOR

3 – OK

4 – GOOD



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