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It is Time by Arimi Martha

My skin tingles from the sheer thought of it –

The onslaught of the shadow that leaves a shadow;

My hair roots stand on tiptoe –

To think he might be closing in;

My ears perk up to absolute attention –

Listening for the deafening sound of the silent intruder;

My eyes blur to near blindness –

Seeing only the much I have not done;

Hearing only the words I wish I had said;

Clinging only to brittle straws of second chances;

Feeling only the hollow depth of time gone to waste.

This is it –

The one thing I dread the most;

To bestow eyes upon myself,

A docile bystander in the ultimate race,

My shoes barely dusty;

My track suit barely sweaty;

My muscles barely streched.

For then the shadow that leaves a shadow –

Would find that I was a shadow all along.

©Arimi Martha

This poem is part of the January 31st 2011 Free Theme & Style Poetry Competition. You have until February 26th 2011 to read and vote for it. Please comment and indicate your opinion of the poem on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 – Very weak

2 – Poor

3 – Ok

4 – Good

5 – Amazing!


3 comments on “It is Time by Arimi Martha

  1. angie
    January 31, 2011



  2. CK
    February 4, 2011

    Great piece


  3. cannalily
    March 1, 2011



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