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Love at Last Sight by Oluoch Madiang’

Lusting for you I set to dazzle you…seduction my style. A beer
Here and a lollipop there. A cake hence and a chocolate thence;
Tongue in cheek, a word about your dress and how sweet you look. Words
I do not believe I would say to mean or ever mean to say.
How you (your body, duh!) made the dress look nice.
Sweet nothings mouthed by me and clung on by you! Blushes…

Lust at first sight by me and yet you, hook, line and sinker

Now I have you. Knowing you’ll always be there: have to be there.
A flick of the finger and your heels do the thinking…fast!
Never needing you but wanting you at my time. Times. Anytime.

A dark nipple licked…twirled…blowed. A boob massaged.
Nape of the neck smooched…lips, all lips, sucked and kissed!
Ears tongued and everything mystified, mesmerized.
A back caressed…abdomen made to shiver. Ecstasy!
Satisfaction…like peeing by the Kay-apple fence. Instant coffee,
Instant sex! No feelings at all…

With wines, all red and white and sweet and dry, flowing, we’ve had your thighs parted a la the Red Sea.
And like the neo-free slaves of Misri, I
Have sauntered through. Trampled through you. Forth and back…back and forth. To the other side, your side.
But never heeding or meaning or heading for Canaan! Not I. No more
Fantasies…no more feelings: for now I know. I have felt. I have explored. And having known, having explored,
Lust faded.

A beer served with a put-down…and an insulting lollipop.
Cakes with concealed venom and chocolates proffered left-handedly. Grudging.
Granting for granted. Lies. Mteja. Routine coitus. Snoring. One
Word grunts for conversations.
Frustration. Frustrations.

Yet now…shocked, I see you make up your mind. I see you walk away…decide on your own. On our own?
Back straightened up, face up, steps bold and mind resolved.
You won’t feed on any more put-downs. No more taken for granted. No more frustrated.
You move on and I watch you fade away. Slip away from my grasp. Through my life…I
Lose you and now realize who it is I had. Had. And I grovel,
Croak for another chance…for truly (as God is my witness) I swear, I feel
Love. Finally…in the end,
Love at last sight.

© Oluoch-Madiang’.


This poem is part of the January 31st 2011 Free Theme & Style Poetry Competition. You have until February 26th 2011 to read and vote for it. Please comment and indicate your opinion of the poem on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 – Very weak

2 – Poor

3 – Ok

4 – Good

5 – Amazing!


3 comments on “Love at Last Sight by Oluoch Madiang’

  1. angie
    January 31, 2011



  2. marsh
    February 5, 2011

    4 The poet traces development of the relationship quite well-perhaps only the form could be polished on.
    i like the title-we treasure most what we lose.


  3. bee
    April 8, 2014

    Amazing talent.


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