Celebrating East African Writing!

The Naked Preacher

One day I was walking in town,

Doing nothing, just going up and down;

Suddenly I saw this fine looking fellow,

Talking to a crowd that looked very mellow.


I neared the crowd to hear,

What the fellow held so dear;

At least I had found something to do,

Other than walking around without a clue.


This fine fellow was a preacher I found,

Who was hunting for those that were bound;

He held a big book in his right hand,

On the left a basket to collect some rand.


The preacher talked nicely about love.

I even thought he was a human dove;

The people seemed very happy indeed,

You could think they were high on weed.


Then the meeting came to an end,

And I decided to take the nearest bend;

Suddenly I met disaster in an alley,

As thugs robbed me of all my mali.


I stood there confused and clotheless,

Passing people thought I was useless;

I tried begging for some little assistance,

But they looked at me as if I was a nuisance.


Suddenly the preacher man appeared,

He was whistling and scratching his beard;

I waved and beckoned him for help,

But alas, he also started to yelp!


I was startled, puzzled and heartbroken,

A man in need had just been forsaken;

I knelt down and started to pray,

Coz the preacher was more naked I say.


©David Kagwi

This poem is part of the January 31st 2011 Free Theme & Style Poetry Competition. You have until February 26th 2011 to read and vote for it. Please comment and indicate your opinion of the poem on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 – Very weak

2 – Poor

3 – Ok

4 – Good

5 – Amazing!


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