Celebrating East African Writing!


My father,


enjoying many a bottle of Tusker
enjoyed waking us
in the middle of the night
with loud, thinly-veiled threats
of disownment
with authority proclaiming
that we, his girls
were not worthy to carry his father’s name
and instead, belonged solely to our mother

But before

my pre-teenage self
could courageously attempt
at a retort,


Would say, again and again,

“You will come back to me, all of you –



15 years have come and gone
I am yet
to go down on my knees.


©Nkirote 2010




One comment on “2 A.M. SOUVENIR

  1. Oluoch-Madiang's Poetry
    August 29, 2011

    I love the mettle of the persona…the story in the poem too. I guess the persona’s father is still musing over a near empty bottle wondering when the crawler will come calling! Go, go Nkirote!


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