Celebrating East African Writing!

A Friend’s Story by Kiongo Karanja


And so up from the head a story does build

And out of the words does story yield

My’ what a ate I have done to my heart

Just for having my lips part


Right here and over there I seem a foe

But what to do for me to restore

Sit wit tem till tongues go sore

Have our laughter pour and our voices roar


But how would that ever be

If none of us is willing to try and see

Ave our inequalities gone have tem flee

Give a key to make our mistakes flee


Hardened heart shielded in every dent

Not softened by millions or a single cent

So firm a decision it is an offence if bent

Not even a kangaroo court to ear you repent


I thought it was safer to have a friend

Even safer if neither of us would pretend

Ere the bond is so easy in letting go

It is no dismay or disarray to let a friend know


I really wanted you from my first utter

Never thought you would be seasoned there after

What was the need to share our laughter?

For you cannot stand by me amid clatter


Then I pass by you and ear of this tease

That you so generously give me a massage of peace

Peace that is destructive catastrophic breathing fire

Surely lying and humiliating tongues never tire


I am forced to a detailed analyze round and around

What is making me loose ground

It is found; up from the head a story does build

And out from the words a story does build





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