Celebrating East African Writing!

A Sigh of Life

The land been so patched and light

As hungry winds blew over with might

The sun was so merciless that not even night

Would save those in from this plight

The days and were out of life

And without energy like a blunt knife

The were no crickets and dogs to growl

As down was told by few cock crows

The village folk had a time so rough

As water to come by was very tough

Wild animals stood by the dry river bed

For days not fed nearly dropping dead

Things were looking up and bright

As the setting was turning out right

The calves now played and jumped more

And migrating birds appeared more than before

Dark clouds to these parts they drift

With a steady pace and moving swift

The burden on the land they have come to lift

For with them rain come as the gift

The rain falls with a lot of authority

It as come to replenish what’s in scarcity

For this is its main priority

It ad been waited for by the majority

The plains have started being greener

The atmosphere is now cool and cleaner

Trees become busier as more leaves grow

Now we less need our eyelashes and brows

The river has burst its banks

And the stepping stones have already sunk

The riverside has sprouted out reeds

This the horse river has come back to weed

In the fine tiled fields

There are sown up seeds

The farmers expect a good yield

Because of their hardworking deeds

People hope to flock the market to trade

To buy produce aligned like soldiers in parade

Who or what will ensure this continuity

For our land is fast losing immunity

©Kiongo wa Karanja 2010


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