Celebrating East African Writing!


Overcome by thoughts of critical thinking

Over run by core heart feelings

Overdone by present day workings

Over made by someone’s else wanting

And so life does not always please

For it knows very well how to tease

It can open up attractive flowers to bloom

So can it allow the worst of dangers to loom?

On the verge of a wasted moment

A life so large lived for days not years

My, what a grudge after these changed perceptions

A new urge but with helpless concepts

A wasted moment is what I choose

For all of my ventures I was bound to loose

Loose ebullience and heart stand by a noose

Wasted prime years after a wild goose

Why did the fountain first entertain?

If its magical waters would not sustain

It is yet the death o another new birth

Seen as a still born it is a devastating aftermath

Wishing to own something very dear

To call your own with or without a tear

But the enemy as shifted base

The target has secured yet another case

It was a tough tiring ride

That as ensured dismay on my side

It is a wasted moment for me in a row

And I wonder who else is to know

All along I hope you did follow my story

My pilling tribulations and endless worry

But I believe in my guardian angel

He will not leave me to precariously dangle

©Kiongo wa Karanja


2 comments on “A WASTED MOMENT

  1. maaca
    June 7, 2010

    weep lucky child,got some tears at least!


  2. koko
    June 24, 2010

    waste not want not my good friend. Lovely poetry


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