Celebrating East African Writing!

An Ode to a Mystery Queen

Behind these closed shutters

That cloud my days with dusk

I grope in a haze of scarlet

Through a sinuous tapestry of veins

Trailing this hasty shadow,

A queen

Shifty like a water mountain

Here now and without

A queen

And my eyes blindly feel

Excited over a sight awaited

But my heart is shackled

Denied the warmth untold

A queen

From the my grasp wafts this mirage

And I feel a handful of nothingness

A queen

She clowns my nerves with lust

And like a beautiful cloud

Glorious but out of reach

She scuds from my dream

And my eyes open, cringing

Drinking the biting truth

Of another lonely night

©Chrispus Kimaru 2010


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