Celebrating East African Writing!


He sits with his back turned
His face to one side as if the light disturbs him
Unnerves him
With a slight tilt of the head…he beckons
That no one could resist him
He insists
Sends out black energy…dark as three nights in a row
He whispers softly…daring you to go
Where angels ventured with no return
And demons feed on flesh for fun
His fingers stretch across the room
Like rays of shadowy light…beautiful
Hidden talons concealing the darkest side of the moon
He smiles
Sweetness and light roll off his tongue
And then…
With the slightest dip of his lower lip
I see his fangs

©Julie Masiga 2010


One comment on “Black

  1. Otieno-Adipo
    July 5, 2010

    I think I love this poem…
    adipoetry, veritas intra est!


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