Celebrating East African Writing!

Conversations with the Moon

Did anyone see the moon last night?
He came out a brilliant flat disc of dazzling sweltering white
Bathing the footpath outside, illuminating it in glorious light
And without trouble I could view his terrain of haplite
He was kind enough to be right outside my window
He said he had heard about my insomnia from that Spiderman fellow
And couldn’t wait to see if it really was the girl he used to know
The one who slept like a log and couldn’t hear the cries of a thousand weeping willows

It was nice to see him again
With his nice round resilient
Smile as of an opalescent gem
And he wondered about me with awe
Wondering if at all he could recall
The last time he had ever saw
His little cub in my playful lay
Who came into this world in such a day of May
When the monsters growled under my bed and I pleaded with him stay

I wasn’t a cub anymore
No longer hiding behind my little paws
‘You’ve grown up and that’s for sure’
He said affectionately
To me and it was true changes were aplenty
So I took it for the compliment I knew it could be
Of course my first thought was how I filled my pyjamas
But his gaze rested on the aging soul in my eyes that told of certain traumas
‘You’ve grown up too.’ I decided with a smile so bright
No need to recall any of those traumas tonight
And I couldn’t help but think of Kid Cudi somewhere on that disc of aplite

‘But don’t think you can seduce me Mr. Moon.’ I warned
And at this laughter softly rolled out his throat as it dawned
Upon me that perhaps it had gotten to my head
That everyone I was to meet would find duty to be attracted
‘I wouldn’t dare a tiger
To howl at a moon my love
Your beauty is that of air and fire,
Not water I can dare to raise above’
He assured me ‘is it unheard of to you?’ he inquired
That insomnia may be cured only by love’s poison and desire
To think of the very thing in all its gory manoeuvres
Felt like a chill from a thousand poltergeist choristers
‘I can steal just but one of Cupid’s quivers’
He offered ‘and perhaps we can choose a suitable suitor
To suit your tastes, to hunt the tiger and woo her’

But it all still seemed too strange for me
Love or insomnia which was to be
The one at night to stay with me
And for what fee?
My heart or my sleep
Seemed too profound to lease
Either of them out to the sea
Of cosmos around but my sleep
Had already taken off with Ody-
Seus on the journey to Ithaca wherever that may be

‘I shan’t stay for long my cub’ he revealed
I have but two more dusks to occupy before taking to my heels
And if you’re to have your Dusserha in this time
Pick a suitor, who will not of love diabolize
So will you have the dandy, a man with sense of dress?
His looks are perfect especially for a tigress
And he oozes the freedom you love to express
Creating his own person, running his own race
You can count on him to go on a shopping spree
To find and go through everything excitably
Or do you believe the best in life are free
Then I would suggest for you the natural
Unpretentious, spontaneous and most sincere of all

Are you not yet pleased my cub
Would you rather a rake to dab
The amber of love about your shoulder
To jump down gorges and cross over borders
To dip himself in his excessive need for you
Even though this need only lasts a moon or two
Or maybe a charismatic will do the trick
Fiery orations, piercing gaze, and an air of mystery so thick
You couldn’t learn him by heart in a week
And his words like yours will always be sleek

But you seem so unmoved by them all my cub
Which of them would you rather have?
He asked with obvious concern
At my now apparent taciturn
‘Perhaps I would like them all, but all as one.’ I sigh
Much like a girl and more like a Gemini
But the moon he laughed it off and swore
It would take more than cupids quiver and bow
To make such ornate demands of the rows
Of cosmic stars the bears, the crosses, the ploughs

Or perhaps you do not wish for love
In which case we have to think of
What bothers your sleep, what profundities
Refuse you rest at night, what incivilities
Give you this invisibility
When the sand man arrives with his dose
Of hard earned dose

Speak to me my cub
Tell me what bothers one ‘s heart
Or is it your mind
That refuses to be blind
Could it be some sort of depression
Brought on by bouts of suppression
Have you finally dealt the last blow
To the denial dam you had grown
Has reality finally showed its dark-
Er side, has life finally lost its spark

Come with me my tigress,
With the stars above you seek redress
Forget whatever it is that may be of stress
To your lovely form and at peace’s bosom rest
See how insignificant you are my little one
Just a reflection, a speck, a pointillist’s dot you’ll learn
A representation of all that is in the universe so vast
Lose yourself in the gargantuan world around you, immerse
See how like that leaf you are
Swayed by the wind, and still a star
You are everything around you my dear
Even that you don’t know and can’t hear
Just an extension of me, Spiderman, the stars, sun and universe
And you must know that your worries also become ours
So when you walk about pouting and sad my love
And then wonder where it is to find happiness and love
You must wonder the difference between happiness and sadness
Between love and hate, elation and wretchedness

You cry and we cry with you,
The rain heavies with you-
R brows and pours with your eyes
And you wonder why there are thunder skies
The wind dances about your ear and lets you know
What happened in Greece and at the coast of Tokyo
You are beyond human my love, don’t mortify yourself
You are the universe, the sea, the wind, the sun, me, the tortoise shell
And when you can’t sleep neither can the willow nor the neighbour’s dog
And the sun comes out too early, confused and causing fog

So don’t you worry about the world you live in my sweet Heraclitean child
Don’t fuss and muse over things gone too wild
Instead create your own paradise
And take some time to realize
That good and bad are not sisters or brothers
But are in fact the same person on one day or the other
Love and hate again must require the embers of one to light the other
Rich and poor you may wonder
The tree and the fruit, one obviously sweeter
Yet without the tree no fruit shall be borne
And without fruit no tree shall be of use, it will just be torn
The duality of the universe, everything is two sided and who
Better to understand this than the Gemini, twin in you

I have to go now my child
I would stay and watch you from a distance for a while
Into the brightness of day
But I don’t know what the sun would have to say
There’s a reason my love, that rainbows come after rain
That without joy you can’t feel any pain
That life and death go hand in hand
Like two lovers at the beach feet in the sand
The cricket sings to you at night
And the stars twinkle down so bright
All is a circle my darling
Everything goes about just turning and turning

©Daisy Onyango 2010


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