Celebrating East African Writing!

Dear Mr. Politician

My hope is failing.

Put a scar on me.

Compose a song for me.

Give me a reason to remember and forget you.

Kill me hard not.

Kill me softly, so I don’t realize am dying.

Let me be alive with the living.

Keep the living dead off my poor compound.

Shorten my dark night.

Bless me with a dawn.

Give me a hope robe.

Give me a season less reason to dream.

Encourage me, my friend my enemy.

Bring back the tickling sensation of living, so I don’t leave my life house.

Don’t discourage me, don’t kill me hard.

Kill me softly.

I might forget am dying.

I might live again.

Give me a season less reason to love you and have you.

My dear politician.

Clear my doubts.

©Julius Muriungi Rutere 2010


One comment on “Dear Mr. Politician

  1. James Kemoli Amata
    July 2, 2010

    I love this. these people have a lot to be told for they have become so narrow that the only thing they see is: Money. Money. Money.
    Not for everybody but for themselves alone.


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