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My Babe’s Kitchen

I just came from my babe’s kitchen

hee-he! My friend!
Si that kitchen is fine!!!


I came to see her – my babe
and there she was in that kitchen
minding her business… cooking for me.

With a smile she turned her head
acknowledging my presence
she knocked me out – that smile o!!!

So I steadied myself on the door frame
and watched her backside as she cooked
swaying this way and that as she moved
my blood boiled!! – I could not resist – I moved closer! J

I stood behind her and slipped my arms around her
and the waft of scents hit me
the chicken curry and the coconut rice,
the mix of spices on her counter.
A whiff of the soap and lotion she uses hit me
so did the beautiful mix of her perfume and her sweat
I could not help it – I groaned!

I looked down – I swear I didn’t mean to – it just happened
and saw the chicken curry simmering about – tempting me
the coconut rice was setting beautifully.
But it was her bust that got me – peeking through that green top
heaving gently in rhythm with her breath.
A thin layer of perspiration giving it a shiny glow.
Teasing me – inviting me!!
I couldn’t say no to the invite – so I touched!!

I turned her around to face me.
Her hair brushed against my cheek – so soft and silky
those dark eyes were burning my insides –
turning me into chicken curry!
I moved her closer she felt warm –
she felt nice – she felt right.
Closer still, she snuggled and put her arms on my chest
Ooooh!! My blood boiled!!
It was the heat of the moment – so I grabbed!!

The chicken curry hissed – displeased
the coconut rice began to crackle
they wanted attention. My babe’s attention.
Too bad! She was mine – all mine in that embrace.

Her lips – she bit her lips
and a playful smile she put on.
Ooh this woman – she was playing all the right chords
lifted her head slightly – parted her lips ever so slightly.
Eyes half closed I leaned in – she pulled back – driving me crazy
I leaned in some more but she pulled back and laughed
and broke from my embrace!!!

All this tension is not good for a man. No my friend no!
So i grabbed her waist pushed her against the fridge
pushed myself against her –pinned her arms above her head
She was my prisoner there was no escape
I was charged – I was fired – I wanted her
so I leaned in and kissed. What would you have me do?

My kiss was gentle and sweet – a lover’s kiss
an innocent kiss that asks for nothing in return.
The kind of kiss that my babe likes – loves – adores.
I bit her lip and sucked it – just the way she likes it
and my blood boiled so i pushed against her
‘Ooooh baby ooh’! She purred and stood on her tip toes
arching her back and trembling ever so slightly.
I had awoken the tigress – what can I say – I know my babe!! 🙂

“Babe,” she whispered, “run and lock the door”
So that is why I just came from my babe’s kitchen
And a-quickly I must run back.

Hee-he! My friend!
Si that kitchen is fine!!!

©Wathingira Gituro 2009


One comment on “My Babe’s Kitchen

  1. Kevz O'Knyt
    May 8, 2010

    Supab one…. Had me blood boilin o…. Hehehehe!!!


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