Celebrating East African Writing!


Of a pen
And a blank piece of paper
Of a paint brush
And a blank canvas
Of a scalpel
And a bad heart
Beneath exposed skin
Of an author,
Artist and surgeon
And their tools of trade.

Of a writer
Dining with mystery,
Fiction and reality
Of a chef
Ideas baking
In his mind’s kitchen
Of a dentist
Charmed by the tooth fairy

When in the dark
Search for the light
While in the light
Seek for illumination
Open your mind’s tap
Let water flow out the eyes
‘Cause we are all lumps of clay
So mould something of yourself

Mould yourself artist!

–Lon’s Draft–


One comment on “PEN, BRUSH AND SCAPEL

  1. Amar
    May 20, 2010

    WOW!! Love the play of words – quite engaging.


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