Celebrating East African Writing!


She walks the earth

Pushed through the soils

With confidence and grace

With her head held up high

She speaks the truth

Without doubt or hesitation

Her wild spirit tempered by wisdom

Her life her own creation

She has risen from the ashes

Pushed through the hymen

With happiness and pride

With her head held up high

She soared to a new plane of existence

Unfettered by posing resistance

Her senses heightened

Her life lived

She has a strong heart

She has an inner beauty

She sees clearly

She feels softly

She screams loudly

She has tasted the bitter

She has savored the sweet

She has overcome adversity

She muses at the strength she possesses

She smiles at the desires she expresses


The joy in her feet

Move her

The pride in her hips

Her senses heightened

Prove her

Her life lived

She now knows

It all end with her

Just as

It all begins with her

With her head held up high

She walks the earth

©Sandra Mushi 2009

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  1. milan
    July 7, 2010



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