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The One I Waited For: A Bride’s Story

Black robe with red shoes

That’s what I grabbed first

Mama said t’was just right

Though I thought nothing of it

What would it matter anyway?

I was going to be swallowed up

Just like that huge hallway was

As I sat on those leather seats

Next to my dear beloved mama

Waiting,for the one I waited for

Wasn’t like I imagined at all

The place was big with  good décor

I could tell he was rich-the one I waited for

Was that why mama was trembling?

She made to a door and tapped on it

I could tell it was time by the look of it

In she went after a while

And out she came with a smile

In I went after my mama

And out was the calm that masked my fear

He towered over me-the one I waited for

And relieved me of my robe

Said we’d come late after all

So he hadn’t time to be pleasant

His hand over my mouth all the while

He tore through me without a care

I sobbed with rage helplessly

But nobody came to my aid

He was tired of mama he said

She was old and he needed young

Mama was waiting when I came out

Told me I had earned a huge sum

Now she could afford her white powder

Her trembling would stop and she’d be well

I would be fine too, she urged on

My body was too young to be with child

My heart was as black as the robe I wore

My eyes as red as the shoes I had on

Who was more evil of the two I thought?

Mama or he -the one I waited for?

So you see Moses why I can’t be with you?

Be a bride in this wedding decorated in blue?

Rub shoulders with this man that I once knew?

This man…the one I waited for…

The one…your father… has he told you?

©Nyaichowa Alice Ghati 2010


One comment on “The One I Waited For: A Bride’s Story

  1. Otieno-Adipo
    July 5, 2010

    Good juxtaposition somewhere in between, but…yeah, i would still nod…somehow.
    adipoetry, veritas intra est!


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