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Warm Call on a Chilly Night

This one was inspired by his call;
A warm gesture – highly appreciated
On a chilly day, a weather I love.

I am the strange girl you hear of;
The one who doesn’t get out when it’s hot;
The one who holds up an umbrella to the sun
But delights in rain drops on my black skin.
– So wonderful a feeling.
Chilly drops smoothly sliding down black skin, smooth skin.
Black skin is smooth skin.

He understands me.
To him I’m not strange, rather unique.
In all ways including my physique.
He calls me in my fave weather
And I delight in the warmth of his voice.
– So wonderful a feeling.
His caring words warm up my heart.
Caring words are heart warming words.

This one was inspired by he,
The man in my life – most appreciated.
On all days, definately celebrated. With love.

©Pamella Adede 2010


One comment on “Warm Call on a Chilly Night

  1. Otieno-Adipo
    July 5, 2010

    This is beautiful. Believe you me, if I said it, it is.
    adipoetry, veritas intra est!


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